Thursday, April 28, 2011

Find me!
>of course kita na ako agad di ba?

This was a picture taken at Market Market by my brother Rikki. I want to start my first page with the topic : FAMILY. We really don't have family picture( kaya eto muna).

I have two brothers, Rikki Renz and Reggie Rex ( our names start with R - mama's idea). We were raised by Maria Mona Lisa ( Monet ) and Nelson (Nonoy). We grew up with an average way of living. Like most of Filipino families, we were raised God fearing and kind. On top of it we were taught how to deal and value what we have.

My dream is to have a family outing in Boracay or any place similar to it. That's it. That's all i want for my family. Simple yet true, for we never experienced one.

My goal is to be an Engineer soon. I want to be a good Computer Engineer. It was not my first choice of career but i'm starting to like it.

Going back to my family. We spend our bonding time watching movies and TV shows on weekends. Because we are busy doing our stuffs. Me and my brothers were studying, Mama's selling Banana-que, Turon, etc. < we sell different foods ever since i was born> and Papa's at work <City Hall's staff>.

I love my family. Very Much. With all those Ups and Downs we still remain for each other. We might have misunderstandings at times but at the end of the day we realize how important each member is. And how we love each other.

>end of my first page.I might have some grammatical errors. <di ako major in english ah. CPE po> 
until my next post. :))

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